Memory Cotton Arched Pillow
Memory Cotton Arched Pillow
Memory Cotton Arched Pillow
Memory Cotton Arched Pillow
Memory Cotton Arched Pillow
Memory Cotton Arched Pillow
Memory Cotton Arched Pillow
Memory Cotton Arched Pillow
Memory Cotton Arched Pillow
Memory Cotton Arched Pillow

Memory Cotton Arched Pillow

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Brand new pillow for couples


Does your armĀ get numb every time when you sleep close together with your partner?Ā Those nights are long gone with the revolutionary Cuddle Assistā„¢ Pillow. This extremely handy pillow not only makes numbĀ arms history, but boasts over 5 different uses from a travel pillow to back support.

Brand new Award-winning product (Aug 2019)

Portable and Ergonomic design
WashableĀ hypoallergenicĀ pillow cover made with breathableĀ Anti Dust Mite Fabric.
Pillow coverĀ made fromĀ Ice Silk.Ā 

A state-of-the-artĀ fabric technologyĀ developed fromĀ Mica Crystals.Ā Our advanced nylon threadĀ absorbs and dissipates heat, creating a cool and stable sleeping surface for deeper sleep and relaxation.

Why Choose Our Pillow?

  • The pillow is designed to prevent your arms from going numb while you sleep. Greet the day in the best possible condition. It's perfect for couples and makes your relationship closer.It can also be used for normal naps, with your hands in an optimal position.

  • CAN HELP EASE NECK, SHOULDER AND BACK PAIN: The gentle, contoured slope of these pillows supports the neck and shoulders and may help alleviate any tension or stiffness in the spinal column by promoting proper spinal alignment.

  • ESSENTIAL CUSHION: Improves circulation for side sleepers, the pillow will feel softer in warm and firmer in cold temperatures. The pillow will also react to your body heat by yielding and softening throughout the night.

  • IMPROVED SLEEP QUALITY: Using high-quality materials and padded cotton, a comfortable touch can relax your body and mind.

  • PROTECT YOUR ARMS: The unique hollow design at the bottom of the pillow prevents numbness in the arms during sleep.


    • NO MORE NUMBĀ ARMS -Ā The clever design takes the pressure off your arm.
    • EXTREMELY VERSATILEĀ - Over 5 different uses that provide amazing value for money.
    • SUPERIOR MEMORY FOAMĀ -Ā Supports your neck and feels amazing. Slow rebound technology will keep contour your neck and head.
    • REINFORCED ARCH CORE -Ā Made fromĀ BPA Free PlasticĀ to withstand over 50 lbs of weight pressure from your partners head.
    • EASY TO CLEAN -Breathable zipper cover ensures that the pillow does not get hot,machine washable, easy to clean

    Designed to beĀ comfortableĀ forĀ multiple sleeping positions, the days of your arm falling asleep are over. This memory foam cotton pillow with hollow design is designed toĀ prevent arm numbnessĀ andĀ improve circulationĀ when sleeping. It's perfect for sleeping, naps at work, or even as aĀ back rest for your chair.

    Or if you're forever alone you can use it to nap comfortably on your desk or table, the arch will support your neck and chin with ease.



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